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Twitter CRM

Twitter CRM

Gain valuable business insight
directly from your customers

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Twitter CRM

Stay updated with your customers via Twitter with realtime tweets. Social CRM PDF

Discover valuable, real-time business intelligence from your customers by integrating their live Twitter feeds with CampaignerCRM™.

Use the power of Twitter to help you grow your business

CampaignerCRM's social insight with Twitter lets you easily view your customers' latest Twitter posts to let you view them directly inside their Contact profile. You can connect and interact directly with customers, adding tweets and comments right to their Twitter page.

You'll hear what customers are saying, making it easier to identify what's important to them to help you better understand how it can affect your business. You'll be prepared to respond quickly and appropriately, building stronger customer relationships, and even uncover new ones.

View and comment on a single page

Everything is built right into CampaignerCRM, and setting it up is easy. All it takes is just a few simple clicks and you're seamlessly connected. You'll see your customer's latest Twitter posts in real time without having to go outside of CampaignerCRM.

  • Connect with your customers
    Read your customer's latest tweets and view their profiles, all while right inside CampaignerCRM!
  • Uncover key business opportunities
    Identify your customer's interests to quickly identify key sales opportunities that grow your business
  • Understand your customer's social interactions and relationships
    See your customer's connections and friends, and understand how these relationships interact
  • Fully integrated into CampaignerCRM
    See your customer's Twitter posts inside their Contact profile without having to leave CampaignerCRM
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Gain Insight Set up is simple, with just a few clicks to see real-time Twitter posts inside the customer's Contact profile
Identify Business Opportunities Gain better understanding of your customer's needs to help identify key opportunities and uncover new ones!
Understand Relationships View your customer's connections and gain insight into how they interact

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