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Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing

Grow your business with integrated GoToMeeting® web conferencing

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crm web conferencing

Host live, online meetings with your customers, clients and colleagues with a click of a button from inside CampaignerSPM™. Give interactive presentations, product demonstrations, and conduct trainings sessions and more — right from your desk.

Online meetings anytime, anywhere without leaving your office

Timing is everything in sales. Being able to meet and collaborate when the opportunity is right can be critical to closing the sale. GoToMeeting web conferencing lets you maximize your customer contact opportunities from wherever you work in minutes—using just a simple web browser.

Seamlessly integrated into CampaignerSPM, GoToMeeting's powerful web conferencing features let you make live presentations, demonstrations, whiteboard and annotate presentations, and show videos while minimizing lost travel time and travel costs. With just a click of a button from inside CampaignerSPM, you can be meeting online and getting closer to closing the sale.

  • Meet, collaborate and share ideas from anywhere in real time
    GoToMeeting lets you share any application, show your desktop and collaborate easily and effectively.
  • Communicate more effectively
    Meet with customers or team members anytime and from anywhere to ensure accurate and effective. communication
  • Save valuable travel time and minimize travel expenses
    Online meetings minimize lost travel time and avoid unnecessary travel costs for more efficient sales progress.
Seamlessly Integrate with CampaignerSPM

Easily launch GoToMeeting web conferencing with just a click of a button

Easy, Live Collaboration Tools

Share any application running on your desktop, share presentations, interactive whiteboard, annotate presentations, chat and more using your mouse and browser

Save Valuable Travel Time and Cost

Meet live online in minutes without leaving your office, saving you valuable time and cost

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