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Activity & Task Management

Activity Management

Manage and organize to
improve productivity

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Activity Management

Activity and task management help you and your sales team to organize and prioritize your day. CampaignerSPM™ lets you create custom, prioritized lists and reports that improve your entire team's efficiency and productivity.

Prioritize your day and work the way you work

CampaignerSPM Activity and Task Management make it easy to organize and stay on top of your critical deadlines, tasks and responsibilities.

Maximize productivity and boost sales effectiveness

Easily schedule tasks and events, assign tasks to other team members, prioritize your tasks and events by due date, then track them through custom lists and dashboards. Get automatic alerts to remind and help you improve prospect follow up. Sales managers can view individual and overall team task progress to help stay alert to team management needs, boost sales effectiveness and monitor work trends and statistics.

  • Create list views to easily prioritize tasks and events
    View instant lists of all key sales tasks and events, such as prospect calls, emails, follow up messages, and updates, making it easy to stay focus on priorities. You'll see upcoming due dates and overdue deadlines, helping you stay on top of the hot prospects and keep them moving through the sales process.
  • Improve individual and overall task progress
    CampaignerSPM helps you manage the progress of the deal by both individuals, and entire teams, all from one central area to help keep everyone productive. Monitor work trends and statistics to help boost sales effectiveness.
  • Create powerful reports for effective team management
    CampaignerSPM helps keep everyone on top of the sales process with easy-to-create reports that use your real-time sales process data to chart your team's progress through the deal. Track sales activities through a variety of reports including Tasks by Team Members, Tasks by Due Date, Tasks by Type, as well as Tasks by Date/Month/Quarter.
Task and Event Scheduling Easily create specific tasks and events to support your sales process and keep the deal moving through the process
List View Organize and prioritize your tasks and events by creating easy-to-use lists that highlight key due dates and keep you alert to ones that are past due
Automatic Reminders Get automatic alerts to remind of key deadlines and help improve lead follow up
Work Trends and Statistics Monitoring Stay alert to opportunities and key events using the powerful reporting features
Reports Easily create powerful reports that help you manage and support your sales team's efforts. Use reports such as Tasks by Team Members, Tasks by Due Date, Tasks by Type, as well as Tasks by Date/Month/Quarter

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