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Custom CRM Fields

Custom CRM Fields

Easily create customized fields
to manage your sales data

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Custom CRM Fields

Customize your leads, accounts, opportunities, and database with flexible, custom fields that reflect your unique business data needs. With CampaignerSPM™ you can create custom field groups and then organize them into sub-tabs to speed access to key information. Efficiently capture and manage the data that is specific to your company and/or industry.

Full customization speeds efficient data entry and reporting

CampaignerSPM lets you create fully customizable fields to accurately capture the key information needed for your unique sales process. The user-friendly interface lets you and your sales managers create fields to accurately capture, track and report important information. Fields can be formatted as text, numerical, date and dropdown menus.

  • Create custom fields
    Full customization allows you to create fields to capture the information you need. Format as text, numerical, date and dropdown menus.
  • Create custom field groups to better organize custom field data
    Organize your custom fields with sub-tabs within a specific entity such as account, opportunity or contact.
  • Faster lead qualification
    Capture the specific information that is unique to your sales process allowing you to speed up qualification and easily report upon the information.
  • Secure and centralized data storage
    Complete activity information is stored securely in a central location ensuring that it is always accessible.
Custom Field Creation Create customized fields easily ensuring that you capture the unique information you need for your organization. Format as text, numerical, date and dropdown menus.
Custom Field Groups Create and organize custom fields into groups to help access and manage the data.
Speed Up Qualification Accurate and consistent data capture improves lead and opportunity qualification.
Secure Storage Complete records are securely stored in a central location, ensuring 100% accuracy and secure backup.

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