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Jeffrey Cody

Jeffrey Cody

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Jeffrey Cody is currently Sr. Manager of Marketing at CampaignerCRM. Before working with CampaignerCRM, Jeff was Vice President of Interactive Marketing and New Media at Mzinga, a social software company for online communities.

Jeff has had over 13 years of experience in the Internet industry; specializing in lead generation, search engine optimization and web development.

Jeffrey started his career in Interactice Marketing working for Intranets.com (now WebOffice.com WebEx/Cisco), where he was was responsible for developing interactive advertising and marketing solutions to attract larger volumes of qualified customers to subscribe to a growing list of online services.

Prior to Intranets.com, Jeffrey was an eCommerce developer for CSC/Onward responsible for designing eCommerce sales solutions. He also worked as a civilian Engineering Technician at the US Army Research, Development & Engineering Center, Natick, where he computer tested and assessed the quality control and reliability of experimental items related to vehicle transport, airdrop and personnel equipment essential to the survivability and effectiveness of military field personnel.

Jeffrey went to the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth for Mechanical Engineering & Photo Electronic Imaging/Graphic Design.