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What is CampaignerCRM™?

CRM that Gets Results!

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CampaignerCRM is a robust yet easy-to-use solution that makes managing your sales process more efficient and gets you sales, revenue and customer results. That's why we're the CRM that your sales force will want to use!

Incredibly powerful. Amazingly easy-to-use.

When you use a CRM solution that's less than intuitive, you take valuable time away from what your sales team does best - selling. That makes it hard for everyone in your organization to reach their goals.

That's why we created the CampaignerCRM suite of solutions with all of the powerful key sales features and tools your business needs to succeed. Then we made it amazingly easy for your people to use. We added personalized service from the very beginning to help you work more effectively and help you get the most out of your investment. And with CampaignerCRM Mobile, you have your entire business in the palm of your hand. How simple is that?

Three CampaignerCRM solutions for your sales process

We realize that not all businesses are alike. Some are small, with minimal contacts and a short sales cycle. Others are mid-size or large companies with global sales teams that require a long, complex sales process with features to match. Sometimes it’s a mixture of both — a small sales team with an unusually complicated product that requires an extensive sales process

No matter what you need, CampaignerCRM has a sales process solution for your business:

Sales Process solutions that get results

CampaignerCRM makes it easy to stay on top of your leads, customers and your sales pipeline. Starting with our exclusive, intuitive checklist-format sales flow, salespeople are able to follow their company's best practices sales process, making the entire team more productive while generating consistent and repeatable results.

CampaignerSPM's sophisticated reporting and forecasting tools allow salespeople to deliver accurate forecasts and up-to-date information to their managers and executives easily, without taking up valuable selling time. With CampaignerSPM's Pulse Dashboard, salespeople and managers have a clear and objective view of the entire sales pipeline, allowing them to spot trends and identify opportunities, and access the right support or resources needed to move the deal ahead.

CampaignerCRM's iO channel Prospect Portal gives salespeople the ability to provide an interactive portal to their customers, prospects and peers. This web-accessible resource lets them encourage collaboration, share documents and information.

We make your success personal

People, not software, are what make CampaignerCRM successful for you. And, that's why our people are here for your people. We help get you started with our Implementation Services Team and our exclusive, dedicated Personal Sales Assistant who is dedicated to making it easy to for you to input and manage all of your information and help you with your administrative tasks. Together, our personal approach and our easy to use software is why our customers tell us CampaignerCRM is the sales process solution that their teams truly want to use.

View our video tour to see how CampaignerCRM works in other organizations. Then discover how it can work for you.

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