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Personal Sales Assistant

Personal Sales Assistant

Maximize your valuable
'windshield time'

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Personal Sales Assistant for CRM

Make the most out of your 'windshield time' with CampaignerCRM™ PRO’s exclusive, dedicated, personal VIP Sales Assistants. They'll save you valuable down time and improve data accuracy while you're on the road by accurately entering your sales call notes and sales data, help by looking up information, and more. That means you get more time to be productive!

Off-load sales data to a live person from anywhere

CampaignerCRM PRO VIP Assistants save time and help keep your sales team focused on what they do best — selling and closing deals. VIP Assistants are included in your Platinum License for no charge.

  • Update data while you maximize non-selling time
    Maximize valuable travel or between-call time to enter data by working directly with a live, personal VIP Assistant who accurately enters your notes, updates, and more from wherever you need to work.
  • Get on-the-go support when you need it
    VIP Assistants are available via phone, fax, email and chat to update account information, add new contact names and account notes, look up information and more, allowing your sales reps more time to cultivate and close their deals.
  • Improve data accuracy and save valuable time
    CampaignerCRM PRO VIP Assistants ensure your information is always entered accurately and in a timely manner, saving you time.
Dedicated VIP Assistants Live, dedicated VIP Assistants accurately enter your data to help you maximize your non-selling time
On-the-Go Assistance VIP Assistants can access information you need via phone, fax, email, and even chat
Improved Data Accuracy Accurate and reliable data entry ensures your information is always accurate and up to date

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