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Advanced Features

CampaignerCRM™ PRO Advanced Features

The Next Generation of CRM

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Business has changed and the nature of selling has also changed. To compete in today’s business world, you need more than just sales talent. You need sales technology that helps your team excel. Mobile, Web Conferencing and eVoice® Click-to-Call are just a couple of the advanced features and functionality that CampaignerCRM™ solutions provide to help you get sales results.

Robust Mobile CRM software with measurable performance

CampaignerCRM is all about making things simple and Mobile CRM makes it even easier to stay connected to your business. And it doesn't matter what platform you use, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Windows Phone.

Mobile CRM gives you complete, real-time access to the same informat ion you work with every day – anywhere, anytime. There's nothing to download, install or configure. Simply view the mobile-optimized page, log in and you're ready to work! Get complete contact information, review meeting notes and customer details, download documents, and view reports– all in the palm of your hand. Then, when the sales call is over, you can quickly update the opportunities, view new leads and do more. All from the road. How simple is that?

Online meetings anytime, anywhere without leaving your office

Timing is everything in sales and being able to meet and collaborate when the opportunity is right can be critical to closing the sale. GoToMeeting Web Conferencing lets you maximize your customer contact opportunities from wherever you work in minutes—using just a simple web browser.

Seamlessly integrated into CampaignerCRM, GoToMeeting's powerful web conferencing features let you make live presentations, demonstrations, whiteboard and annotate presentations, and show videos while minimizing lost travel time and travel costs. With just a click of a button from inside CampaignerCRM, you can be meeting online and getting closer to closing the sale.

Permissions, lead import and bulk import/export provide additional extensive data control

Get even more control over your data with the flexibility of CampaignerCRM PRO Permissions. Easily assign access to your information using uncomplicated access rules and hierarchies that are enforced across the entire system, including the interface, reports, dashboards, and search results.

Get your freshest leads to your sales team faster with CampaignerCRM's Lead Import functionality. Easily import any size lead file using familiar .csv and tab-delimited file formats to speed up data entry and ensure accuracy. You can even create templates for recurring lead import tasks to save time.

CampaignerCRM lets you easily Bulk Import data to update your lead and contact information from any source, speeding up data entry and ensuring accuracy. Update your databases, contact lists, leads, and other critical information using familiar .csv or tab-delimited file formats. You can even create templates for recurring updates to save time and ensure accuracy.

One Click Phone Calls Made Easy

Campaigner’s eVoice Click-to-Call integration feature helps you improve your call volume, increase productivity, reach leads more quickly and convert more sales opportunities. You can make web-based phone calls with one click to help you maximize your phone prospecting and follow-up activities. Staying in contact with your prospects and on top of the deal has never been easier!

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