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Lead Management

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Lead Management

Lead management and email marketing help your sales team to easily record, follow up and convert leads. CampaignerCRM speeds up data entry time, lead qualification and lead conversion to help you build quality customer relationships.

Manage leads to maximize sales

Sales and marketing have invested valuable resources into generating quality campaign leads. Building engaging and meaningful relationships with these prospects starts with effective lead management. With CampaignerCRM your sales team can:

  • Reduce data entry time and ensure accuracy
    All leads are automatically recorded into CampaignerCRM's centralized secure database and then assigned to your sales reps. Since CampaignerCRM gives you multiple ways for capturing and entering leads into the system, your team spends less time entering data and more time acting on it. Plus, with complete visibility to all leads, there's less chance of multiple people calling the same prospect.
  • Develop consistent sales processes that convert more leads
    CampaignerCRM lead management helps sales reps stay in front of prospects at the right times and with the right information to avoid losing a prospect's interest. CampaignerCRM's sales process capabilities allow you to automate lead development to ensure that reps interact with leads following the best practice work flows that you've developed for your business. Now your sales reps always know what to do next.
  • Speed up lead qualification for better follow-up
    CampaignerCRM's lead management shows where your best leads are coming from, who your best-performing sales people are, and how long it takes typical leads to convert into active opportunities. Faster and quality lead qualification means more efficient and effective sales cycles, maximizing your sales efforts.
  • Create and save custom MyList sorting criteria
    Instead of recreating each report, easily apply saved MyList sorting criteria to simplify reporting and view your data instead of recreating each report.
  • Browse account information faster and more easily
    The alpha-picker control locates accounts and gets you to your information faster.

Lead management and email marketing that work the way you do

CampaignerCRM lead management software is built with the specific needs of salespeople like you. All relevant information, including lead source, lead score, owner, last action, last note, are visible to the salesperson in a single screen. The user-friendly interface ensures sales reps can update almost every aspect of the lead data from this single screen, including scheduling follow-up tasks. Leads can easily be entered directly from your website, manually or imported in bulk. Now you can be confident that salespeople are able to prioritize a timely follow-up and easily maintain a permanent record of every contact created.

CampaignerCRM Lead Management Features:

Single-screen Editing Easily review and complete all key sales process tasks from a single page. View all activity related to a lead in a single, centralized record
Automate Lead Development Standardize your best lead follow-up practices and workflow for maximum sales team efficiency and effectiveness
Website Lead Capture Easily build online web forms that capture and transfer leads directly into your CampaignerCRM system
Bulk CRM Imports, CRM Exports, Deletes, Updates Add, delete, assign owners, import and export data, and change status of multiple leads with just a click
Lead Reporting Create customized, dynamic reports by lead source, sales rep, lead score, month, year, product, and custom fields that help you efficiently manage your business
Convert Leads to Opportunities Convert a lead into an active opportunity with a single click; all lead activity history is captured in the opportunity record
Customization Many custom crm field options that show you data the way you need to see it, including Lead List displays and Lead Disposition
In-line Editing Edit many lead fields directly from the lead list, saving time and improving consistency
Always-on web access Have real-time data available to you every minute of every day, keeping you on top of every potential business opportunity
Security Grant or restrict crm permissions to data on a per-user basis, from Read-only to Full Administrative Privileges

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