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Advanced Features

CRM Permissions

Enhance data security and integrity with permissions and user roles

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Maintain control of your data with CampaignerCRM™ PRO's flexible user management framework. Securely and easily control who has access to specific information while working with the CRM data and modules such as leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, etc. Easily configure each user's ability to see or edit system data based on straightforward rules and hierarchies.

Secure data access control

CampaignerCRM PRO gives you complete control over your data with the flexibility you need. Easily assign access to your information using uncomplicated access rules and hierarchies that are enforced across the entire system, including the interface, reports, dashboards, and search results. Users can be granted visibility and permissions in three ways: Organizational Visibility, User-Specific Visibility and Entity-Specific Visibility, and grant permission to View, Edit and Delete.

  • Maintain secure control over your information with defined access and permissions
    Easy-to-configure controls let you grant the right level of access to your data to the appropriate users.
  • Multi-level visibility and permission control
    Grant visibility to your data to the right people with specific control over who can View, Edit and Delete information to allow you to maintain data control.
  • Control access across the entire system
    All access and permissions are enforced across the entire system, including the interface, reports, dashboards and search results.
Easy-to-Configure Administrator Controls Administrators have complete control over access to data and information using easy-to-configure controls
Multi-level Visibility & Permissions

Flexible control for who has access to your data and information across multiple levels of the system

Access-wide Security Grant visibility to your data at the Organizational, User-specific and Entity-specific levels to ensure that the right people only have access to the appropriate information

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