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Advanced Features

CRM Lead Import

Get leads into the pipeline faster
and accurately

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Get your freshest leads to your sales team faster with lead import functionality in CampaignerCRM™. Easily import any size lead file using familiar .csv and tab-delimited file formats to speed up data entry and ensure accuracy. You can even create templates for recurring lead import tasks to save time.

Fast and accurate lead import functionality

Leads are entered into CampaignerCRM, ensuring accuracy and automatically routing them to your sales team quickly for timely follow up. Easily update and add to your databases, contact lists and other critical data accurately and efficiently.

  • Easily bulk import leads
    Deliver fresh leads into the system quickly and accurately using familiar .csv and tab-delimited file formats.
  • Create lead import templates for recurring tasks
    Ensure data accuracy and integrity by creating custom templates to save time for your recurring import needs.
Bulk Lead Importing Import large lead data files directly into CampaignerCRM using familiar .csv and tab-delimited formats
Templates for Recurring Imports Create custom templates for recurring import needs saving you time and ensuring consistency

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