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Facebook CRM

Facebook CRM

Connect with your customers
to expand and grow your business

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Facebook CRM

Connect to your customers and hear what they're saying on Facebook. Social CRM PDF

Use the power of Facebook to learn more about your customer's interests and build relationships that help you grow your business.

Connect and interact with your customers using the "like-to-lead" functionality within CampaignerCRM™ Contact profile. Now you can easily hear what customers are saying, identify what's important to them and understand how it can affect your business.

You'll be ready to respond quickly and appropriately to move the sales process forward as you build stronger customer relationships — and even develop new ones.

Easy-to-create mailing lists that drive effective marketing campaigns

CampaignerCRM Social insight into Facebook makes it easy to enhance and expand your customer relationships. Once you friend them, you can connect to see their posts, and photos, giving you valuable insight into their needs and interests. And, as you expand your relationships, you can easily prospect for new opportunities.

Seamless integration brings it all together in a single page

Everything is built right into CampaignerCRM, so connecting with Facebook is easy. All it takes is just a few simple clicks to start seeing your customer's Facebook posts, links, and their friends — all right from inside CampaignerCRM.

  • Easily connect and interact with your customers
    View their profiles, connections, and interact directly with your customers, all while right inside CampaignerCRM!
  • Uncover key business opportunities
    Identify key sales opportunities that grow your business, now and into the future.
  • Understand your customer's social interactions and relationships
    See your customer's connections and friends, as well as understand how these relationships interact.
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Enrich Your Understanding Set up is simple, with just a few clicks to view their Facebook posts, and photos, inside their CampaignerCRM Contact profile
Identify Business Opportunities Gain better understanding of your customer's needs to help identify key opportunities and uncover new ones!
Understand Relationships View your customer's connections and gain insight into how they interact

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