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IT Integration

Seamlessly integrate powerful CRM
into your existing business systems

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CampaignerCRM™ makes it easy to securely connect with your existing back office business systems to effectively share critical business information while making everything simple for your IT team to manage.

Seamless integration into your business systems

CampaignerCRM solutions let you securely share the critical business information your organization uses on a daily basis while helping you eliminate duplicate data entry and potential errors or inaccuracies.

With two-way synchronization, CampaignerCRM solutions ensure that the critical customer details and contact data you rely on stay synchronized and always up to date. QuickBooks inventory and transaction details and Outlook is continually synchronized with your CampaignerCRM Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. Plus, with Gmail integration, all of your email communications related to your customers, including their responses, attachments, and more, are accessible and reviewable - from inside your CampaignerCRM solution. Add iinsights into social CRM and business intelligence information, and your entire organization will be more informed and more productive to stay ahead of your competition.

CampaignerSPM™ has a powerful API lets you easily connect and share information with all of the popular business systems that you currently rely on to manage your organization.

And with integrated GoToMeeting, your team can quickly schedule and attend online presentations and meetings that help move the deal forward.

We're here to help you succeed

Integrating CampaignerCRM solutions with your information systems is simple and seamless. CampaignerCRM™ PRO and CanpaignerSPM's exclusive Personal Sales Assistants and our dedicated Support Teams are ready to help you get started. You'll have real, live highly trained and motivated people who are dedicated to making your system integration, setup, and operation simple - from start to finish. And, we'll stay there for you as you grow, so you'll always have the right solutions that you need to stay productive.

It's just one more reason why our customers call CampaignerCRM " the CRM sales process solution that our team truly wants to use."

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