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CRM Plug-ins & APIs

Sales Process API's

CampaignerSPM™ integration provides powerful tools to expand your sales process effectiveness and efficiency

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CRM Plug-ins and API's

Getting sales results is the core of CampaignerSPM. With CampaignerSPM API integration, you can easily add new functionality and features that seamlessly increase and enhance your sales management success.

CampaignerSPM API integration enhances and expands your sales toolbox

CampaignerSPM API integration lets you add more sales tools and functionality with easy-to-implement API's and tools. Seamlessly integrate some of the most popular and powerful applications and tools in the industry to expand your sales toolbox.

  • Seamlessly integrate existing sales management tools
    CampaignerSPM API integration allows you to use your existing systems and tools together more effectively.
  • Add new functionality
    Expand CampaignerSPM functionality by adding powerful third party tools and applications that improve your productivity.
  • Proven technology
    CampaignerSPM integration is based on proven and reliable technology, making it easy to integrate the most popular and functional applications and tools together.
CampaignerSPM Integration and API's For:  
QuickBooks™ CampaignerSPM integration for QuickBooks automatically synchronizes your CampaignerSPM data directly with your QuickBooks software client.
Gmail™ Synchronize your Gmail Contacts and emails. CampaignerSPM integration with Gmail ensures 100% data accuracy of your contact information and gives you actual copies of all related emails, including their attachments, directly in each corresponding Interactions tab. You have a complete, trackable record of all communications, documents sent, and more.
Outlook Synchronize your Microsoft Outlook® contacts, emails, tasks and events so you never miss an important sales call or activity
Salesforce.com Integrate CampaignerSPM with Salesforce.com to support your sales process and enhance your team's productivity and sales effectiveness. CampaignerSPM is a part of the Salesforce.com AppExchange.
SalesView™ Integrate social networking information into your organization's unique sales process using CampaignerSPM. Gain unique insights through the combination of subscription-based and user-generated sources delivered directly to CampaignerSPM.
GoToMeeting® Web Conferencing Host online meetings with one click from anywhere within CampaignerSPM using GoToMeeting conferencing. Make presentations, conduct demonstrations, share your desktop and collaborate online, saving you time and travel costs.
Web to Lead Forms Create customized Web to Lead forms to capture sales leads from your website and import them directly into your CampaignerSPM. Forms are easy to build and leads can be immediately assigned to your reps reflecting their specific sales process
Importing Data Import or migrate data from any source using familiar CSV or Tab Delimited format files. Create Templates for regular import jobs to save time and maintain accuracy
Exporting Data Export data to migrate data to third party databases, Excel, or back-up your database

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