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Easily grow your consulting business effectively and consistently with CampaignerCRM™ Solutions

Our experience helps you share your experience

Your clients count on your experience to help them grow their business. But like any business, you're faced with the challenges of growing your business as well. That's where CampaignerCRM can help.

CampaignerCRM solutions give you a real-time and accurate view of what's really going on your sales pipeline, helping you to maximize your leads and identify emerging opportunities. You get the information you need to understand and grow your business without losing focus on what you do best.

And since CampaignerCRM solutions keep all of your information securely online, your entire team of salespeople, managers and executives will always have a clear and objective view of the business no matter where they need to work.

Powerful sales process solutions that make productivity easy:

  • Objective planning and forecasting tools that help you understand your pipeline in real-time and identify real opportunities.
  • Efficient contacts and account management resources simplify capturing, reviewing, and organizing meeting notes, customer information, contact details, and call reports.
  • Easy access to your collateral and documents to support your sales process, including product brochures, data sheets, presentations, video, and more.
  • Helpful, live Personal Sales Assistant who supports you anytime by helping take care of administrative chores such as data entry and data consistency.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your information via the web, plus, CampaignerCRM Mobile lets you use your smart phone to access all of the your key sales data, contact information, leads, documents, reports, and more, exactly like back at the office.

Objective and insightful sales information

CampaignerCRM solutions give you a clear and objective view into your company's sales pipeline to let you stay on top of your opportunities. The CampaignerSPM™ Pulse Reporting Dashboard uses your data to alert your managers about key trends and opportunities so that your sales teams are better informed, and sales people are better prepared with the right information, documents, and appropriate actions required to effectively to move the sales process ahead.

Dedicated Personal Sales Assistants maximize your "Windshield Time"

CampaignerCRM makes it easy to manage the ever-growing volume of customer information, meeting notes, follow ups, and management reporting needs, letting you get more out of each sales trip. Your dedicated Personal Sales Assistant in CampaignerCRM™ PRO and CampaignerSPM are there, ready to help you with your administrative chores, whether you're on the road or in the office. You'll you spend less time handling data, generating reports, and more time with your customers.

We make your success personal

Making you successful is what CampaignerCRM solutions are all about. We start with a personalized, comprehensive deployment and training program for your entire team. Then, your exclusive and dedicated Personal Sales Assistant in CampaignerCRM PRO and CampaignerSPM is there to care of many of your administrative chores such as data entry, on-the-go assistance, and more. Together, we make your success our success!

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