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Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Objective metrics for
actionable insight

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Sales Forcasting Report

Make forecasting more effective and accurate with CampaignerSPM™ realistic forecasting. CampaignerSPM's Pulse Dashboards use objective, process-based data to help you quickly understand your opportunities and keep your pipeline flowing.

Accurate forecasting delivers higher productivity

Understanding the status of your team's deals in real-time helps managers effectively anticipate and support salespeople to help keep their opportunities moving forward.

  • CampaignerSPM Pulse Dashboards give actionable insight in real-time
    TOur Pulse Dashboards centralize the data from the Sales Performance Dashboards and the Activity Dashboards, empowering your entire sales team with real-time sales metrics and greater pipeline visibility.
  • Base forecasts in fact
    Generate selling milestone-based forecasts that reflect forward-looking analytics based in fact.
  • Monitor and predict trends
    Accurately focus your resources on more effective prospecting and closing more deals.
  • Filter data to gain insight into your sales pipeline
    Gain insight into your entire pipeline and team, or filter on a single rep, product or service, lead source and more; generate reports to share with team members and management.
CRM Pulse Dashboards Get valuable insight in one central view with data integrated from Sales Performance Dashboards and Activity Dashboards
Monitor and Predict Trends Real-time data keeps you on top of developing trends and alerts you to new opportunities
Data Filtering View data by a single sales rep, by products or services, lead sources and more

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