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Automate lead capture with website
forms to maximize opportunities

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Web to lead form capture

CampaignerSPM™ makes it easy to move new leads directly from your website to your sales team with our customized Web-to-Lead online forms. As visitors fill out your form, information automatically transfers directly into CampaignerSPM. New leads get pre-qualified and into the sales queue quickly and accurately. And with a consistent stream of qualified leads flowing in, your sales team is always productive.

Keep your lead pipeline filled

CampaignerSPM keeps your lead pipeline flowing with easy-to-create online forms that eliminate manual data entry and ensure quicker lead qualification.

  • Easy-to-create online forms
    Easily create customized online forms, eliminate manual data entry errors and replace with accurate web-to-lead captured prospect data to help pre-qualify leads.
  • Pre-qualify leads using customized form fields
    Easily create online forms that capture the information to accurately pre-qualify leads. Identify lead sources, lead owner, ratings, and follow up dates.
  • Automated communication tools
    CampaignerSPM helps you start building quality customer relationships right from the start with easy-to-create automated communication tools that thank prospects for submitting information.
Custom Forms Easily create customized forms featuring the information fields you need
Automatic Alerts Organize and prioritize your tasks and events by creating easy-to-use lists that highlight key due dates and keep you alert to ones that are past due
Automatic Form Data Transfer Automatically transfer form data directly into CampaignerSPM
Automated Communication Tools Easily create customized 'Thank You' pages to your prospects to display once forms are submitted
Speed Up Lead Qualification Gather key data to help speed lead qualification and improve sales management opportunities
Secure storage Complete records are securely stored in a central location, ensuring 100% accuracy and secure backup

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