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Personal Sales Assistant for CRM

CampaignerSPM™ provides customers with exclusive, dedicated, personal VIP Sales Assistants, a Document Library to store and share important information, and one-on-one personalized Training for quick and easy implementation and deployment of our CRM solutions. CampaignerCRM™ FREE customers receive unlimited email support to help them get up and running quickly.

Personal support with exclusive VIP Sales Assistants

CampaignerSPM's VIP Sales Assistants save time and help keep your sales team focused on what they do best — selling and closing deals. Our dedicated VIP Assistants help your sales people off-load data entry, including notes and contact updates from anywhere, letting them stay focused on selling.

  • Update data while you maximize non-selling time
    Maximize valuable travel or between-call time to enter data by working directly with a live, personal VIP Assistant who accurately enters your notes, updates, and more from wherever you need to work.
  • Get on-the-go support when you need it
    VIP Assistants are available via phone, fax, email, and chat to update account information, add new contact names and account notes and look up information, allowing your sales reps more time to cultivate and close their deals.
  • Improve data accuracy and save valuable time
    CampaignerSPM's VIP Assistants ensure your information is always entered accurately and in a timely manner, saving you time.

The central resource for your information

The Document Library helps you store, share and manage all of the frequently used sales information, documents, multi-media and best practices in one central resource. Post the latest versions of your sales collateral and presentations to help your team keep the prospect moving through the sales process. Powerful search functionality lets you locate documents quickly and send them to prospects via email right from the Library. Version control helps you keep the latest version in the system for everyone to use.

  • Find documents fast
    Powerful search lets you search by different criteria to find the information you're looking for quickly.
  • Easy upload
    Post new documents to the Library to continually expand and enhance the information available to your team.
  • Post library documents to the Prospect Portal
    Keep your prospects informed and engaged by posting relevant documents to the Prospect Portal and track when they visit and view the information.
  • Email documents from the Library
    Send a document to a prospect via email right from the Library, delivering relevant information quickly and saving you time.
  • Easy document management
    Version control helps you keep track of the latest information and ensures that it's always available for your team.

We Make Your Success Personal

The CampaignerCRM Implementation Team makes Training extremely simple. We give you expert guidance for importing, formatting, and organizing your data, and share our best practices. Then, our personalized and interactive hands-on training gets your entire team prepared, involved and motivated.

With three levels of implementation and end-user trainining, you're assured of the right combination of implementation flexibility and training features that match your business needs:

  • Quick Start Training
    Get started quickly with three helpful hours of implementation and best-practice training, including easy-to-use self-help modules, detailed technical support, community training plus a sales process review, data migration review, and custom, detailed best practices consulting.
  • Success Start Training
    Go even further with our Success Start Training module. You get five hours of implementation support plus three hours of custom, site-specific training. We'll also cover expanded Basic Training, Advanced Training, and Management Reporting.
  • Advantage Training
    Get our complete implementation and training program featuring 12 hours of implementation support along and three hours of custom site-specific, personalized training. We cover everything in our Quick Start and Success Start training programs plus an expanded sales process review, data migration review, and custom, detailed best practices consulting.
Dedicated VIP Assistants Live, dedicated VIP Assistants accurately enter your data to help you maximize your non-selling time
On-the-Go Assistance VIP Assistants can access information you need via phone, fax, email and even chat
Improved Data Accuracy Accurate and reliable data entry ensures your information is always accurate and up to date
Powerful Search Find the information you need quickly. Search by category, topic, type of document and more.
Easy upload Upload new documents to continually add to the knowledge base of the library
Email integration Send documents via email directly from the Library
Version Control Ensure that the latest information is always available. Make changes and upload new versions, automatically updating the online version to ensure that everyone always has the same information.

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