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Sales Process Manager


Advanced Sales Process Management to Get Results

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CampaignerSPM™, our Advanced Sales Process Management Solution, helps companies with longer and more complex sales processes standardize best practices across the sales organization to improve results.

How can a sales process manager help improve your business?

CampaignerSPM can help you produce more revenue and get better results. It’s that simple.

With CampaignerSPM you’ll get better visibility and insight into your pipeline leads to generate more meaningful reports and identify key trends. You will be better able to:

  • Target customers
  • Qualify leads
  • Present features and benefits
  • Cross and up-sell
  • Sell value and discount less
  • Introduce new products and  services

Who benefits most by using a sales process management solution?

Everyone in the organization will benefit from CampaignerSPM’s advanced features and functionality, including existing sales reps, new sales hires, marketing, and management. Our customizable sales process allows you to replicate the techniques and practices of the top sellers in your organization. New hires can be brought up-to-speed more quickly … and sell more, faster!

With CampaignerSPM your sales team will:

  • Increase productivity and drive more deals in the pipeline
  • Secure more leads and wins
  • Forecast revenue more accurately
  • Shorten your sales cycle length
  • Get measurable sales metrics to better manage the team

How does a customizable sales process help you close more deals?

With our 100% customizable sales process you can easily define, develop and replicate your sales teams’ proven, effective, selling processes to move a potential customer to a closed deal.

Modify the following CampaignerSPM advanced features to create a sales process that’s all your own:

  • PULSE Reporting Dashboards – Customize reporting based on your needs to create meaningful and insightful metrics to help your team sell more effectively.
  • Integrated Email Marketing, Mobile and Social Campaigns – Get trackable and measurable results for your sales team when you modify email marketing and social campaigns to integrate with you sales process.
  • Custom Fields – Your leads, accounts, opportunities, and database can be customized with unique fields that reflect your specific business needs.

Your sales process strategy should be repeatable, predictable and scalable

CampaignerSPM helps you establish a consistent, repeatable, predictable, and scalable process for your sales cycle, measurably improving performance across your entire sales team. This advanced Sales Process Manager solution boasts such industry-leading features as:

Identify your top performing sales reps and then replicate their sales processes step-by-step with CampaignerSPM. Our software clones these processes and provides you with metrics and measurement for more effective selling.

A great sales process is predictable. CampaignerSPM provides you with accurate and predictable sales forecasts. Knowing where each customer is in the sales process helps you better understand when and how to close the deal and then report your metrics to management.

Give your new sales reps a proven step-by-step guide on how to go to market and close business with CampaignerSPM. Reps get up to speed more quickly and metrics are provided at each stage of the sales process. The more visibility that you have into metrics, the more scalable your organization can become.

Try a 30-day free trial today with no credit card

We’re so sure you’ll be impressed with CampaignerSPM that we’ll let you try it completely free for 30 days. We have a dedicated internal support team ready to help you get up and running right away. Call us at 1.855.EasyCRM today!

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