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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Effective integrated email marketing that gets results for your entire organization!

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Email Marketing for CRM

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Create valuable email campaigns that do more than just get attention - they get results! With fully integrated email marketing, plus powerful reporting and analysis tools, it's never been easier to develop effective email marketing campaigns that grow your business!

Robust business-class email marketing featuring the industry's only true, integrated campaign ROI reporting!

Whether you're in sales or marketing, getting results is your number one priority. With CampaignerSPM™, we've made it easy to create powerful and eye-catching email marketing campaigns that deliver consistent and trackable results.

Your campaigns are automatically linked to your contacts, letting you see which campaigns they were a part of, what the activity was (opens, links clicked, etc.) as well as any related activity. It will also automatically track any future sales activity occurring at a later date, such as upsells or re-orders. And, our exclusive, special trackable call-to-action link feature lets you automatically create a new lead in the system whenever a reader clicks on this special link. Now you can get nearly real-time data of who's active and ready for a call. No other CRM system can do that!

Email Marketing in CampaignerSPM is designed from the ground up with all the professional, business-class email marketing features you count on to effectively grow your business. And, because email marketing is already built into CampaignerSPM - unlike other CRM systems - there's no add-ons or third-party apps to configure or added costs. You get a powerful, fully integrated, results-generating email marketing tool for no additional cost. Simply purchase email credits whenever you need them - and use them at any time!

Professional email templates plus powerful tracking and analysis tools get you started fast

CampaignerSPM's Email Marketing gets you started fast with 300 eye-catching, professional templates, letting you easily create customized, professional emails that get your customer's attention and get you results. You can also import your existing html templates or create custom templates from scratch, giving you more flexibility to deliver your sales message. And with CampaignerSPM's powerful tracking and reporting tools that link directly to CampaignerSPM, you can easily keep track of your campaign performance and measure it's true effectiveness.

  • Fully customizable email campaigns
    Create completely customizable email campaigns that effectively target your key customers and prospects. Easily segment your contacts to ensure the right message reaches the right audience.
  • Professionally designed email templates or import custom HTML designs
    With professional, business-quality email templates, we've made it easy to create high quality marketing campaigns that get results. Each email template can easily be customized to meet specific targets or communication needs using the integrated email interface. Templates can also be locked to maintain control of branding or specific messaging. You can also import custom HTML designs to further enhance your message and give you increased design control and flexibility.
  • Easy contact management and list-building
    Easily build targeted mailing lists from CampaignerSPM using integrated MyList reports, or bulk import your custom or third-party lists using the popular .csv format. Easily organize and segment your information to create focused mailing lists that effectively target your prospects. Maintain list use and security by designating lists as public or private to ensure appropriate usage. Manage opt-in and opt-out choices to conform to all CAN-SPAM regulations and ensure your messages are always deliverable.
  • Robust tracking and reporting that gives you a true ROI measurement
    Know more than who is reading and responding to your emails with CampaignerCRM's powerful tracking and reporting features. Track open, click-throughs, attachments, and receive a detailed report that provides the date and time of the activities. Track the responses directly in CampaignerSPM, across your entire sales cycle to accurately measure the true ROI of your campaigns.
  • Easily create Web-To-Lead forms that capture new leads from your website
    Grow your lists by creating user-submitted web-to-lead forms that directly capture new leads and opportunities directly from your website. New leads are automatically added to your pre-defined contact groups to ensure quick access and follow up by your sales team.
  • Personalized Training and Support Webinars and resources
    We're here to help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns with live, interactive, and personalized training and support Webinars. Our experienced trainers will show you the industry's best practices, share some tips and trick, and answer all of your email marketing questions..
Download more information about CampaignerCRM's integrated email marketing (PDF 1.1MB)

Customizable Campaigns Create targeted email campaigns to your key customer and prospect segments to deliver your marketing message
Customizable Email Templates Get started quickly with 300 professionally-designed and fully customizable email templates that get attention - and results
Contact Management Organize and segment your mailing lists using integrated MyList reports to reflect key prospects, client segments and opportunities
Bulk Import Quickly and easily import large mailing lists using familiar .CSV and XML file formats
Robust Tracking and Reporting Create informative reports to track the performance of your email campaigns including time-stamped opens, click-throughs and downloaded attachments
Personalized Training and Support Get personalized access to all of the resources that help you to get the most out of email marketing.

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