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Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM puts the sales
in the palm of your hand

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Mobile CRM

Get all of the power of CampaignerSPM™ and email marketing in the palm of your hand using your smartphone! Download PDF

Mobile CRM gives you anytime access to real-time information from anywhere you need to work. Using your smartphone or tablet, you'll stay informed and ready to move the deal forward.

Robust CRM solution with measurable performance

CampaignerSPM™ is all about making things simple and Mobile CRM makes it even easier to stay connected to your business. And it doesn't matter what platform you use, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Windows Phone.

Mobile CRM gives you complete, real-time access to the same information you work with every day – anywhere, anytime. There's nothing to download, install or configure. Simply view the mobile-optimized page, log in and you're ready to work! Get complete contact information, review meeting notes and customer details, download documents, and view reports – all in the palm of your hand. Then, when the sales call is over, you can quickly update the opportunities, view new leads and do more. All from the road. How simple is that?

Mobile-optimized technology you can really work with

Mobile CRM gives you the flexibility to be where you need to work – without being out of touch with your critical information. Using your smartphone, you can access all of the same data, and reports, just as if you were at your desk. And because CampaignerSPM is already simple to use, Mobile CRM makes getting to your information even easier!

  • Easy to use and familiar navigation – The intuitive interface was designed for the mobile user, making it easy to get to your information in the fewest clicks.
  • Complete account and contact information – Access complete profiles of your clients, customers, and accounts including all related notes and updates – in real time.
  • Review your reports – Review the same reports you use every day to stay informed and on top of your sales pipeline.
  • Add and update – Easily create new opportunities, update existing ones, and add notes to the system.
  • Review correspondence associated with your deals and contacts – Stay up-to-date and informed with easy access to all of your correspondence, including notes, emails and more.
  • Manage and update your opportunities – Keep your contact and customer information up to date easily and effectively. Update deal value & confidence, process, progress, forecast date, contacts, notes and emails, tasks, and events.
Download more about Mobile CRM (PDF 1.2MB)

Easy-to-Use Familiar Navigation Designed for Mobile Platforms Intuitive, easy-to-use interface is designed specifically for the mobile platform, giving you quick and easy access to your information.
Complete Account and Contact Information Get complete and detailed profiles of your customers, clients, and accounts, with all of the supporting notes and updates – in real time.
Save Valuable Travel Time and Cost Stay up to date with the same reports you use every day – available whenever you need them, from wherever you're working.

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