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Automatic Sales Forecasting

Automatic Forecasts

Reduce guesswork &
increase forecast accuracy

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Automatic Sales Forecasting

Automatic forecasts make forecasting more objective by removing the sales rep's emotions about a deal. By breaking the sales process into detailed sales cycle phases, outlining exact selling activities and assigning specific durations for each phase, managers can more accurately forecast based on completed activities and better manage the sales pipeline. And when the pipeline is flowing, that's good for everyone.

Deliver a forecast, not a 'hopecast'

CampaignerSPM™ provides managers and salespeople with a significantly higher level of pipeline visibility, making it easier to have accurate and reliable sales forecasts.

  • Forecast accurately and manage the sales pipleline
    Outline specific selling activities for each phase of the process and assign confidence levels to identify key milestones to make managing the process objective.
  • Automatically forecast close dates based on objective data
    Establish durations for each phase to clearly identify deals stuck in the cycle and automatically compute forecast close dates based upon objective data reflecting sales processes. If there's a special situation, you can overwrite forecast dates to reflect specific needs for the deal.
  • Increase selling time
    CampaignerSPM's Automatic Forecasting eliminates unproductive time spent by sales teams to justify their forecasts.
  • Better sales pipeline visibility
    Through objective and reliable data, salespeople and managers know where each of their deals are in the pipeline, when they can realistically expect to close and can better manage resources to move the deal forward.
Sales Process-driven Forecasting Use specific activities with specific confidence levels for each phase of the sales process to objectively identify and rank key milestones for more accurate forecasting
Close Date Forecasting Set exact duration times for each phase to accurately compute close dates based on activities completed within your sales process
Improved Pipeline Visibility and Management Understand the complete picture of your sales pipeline through objective, process-driven data for better resource management

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