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Sales Process Customization

Sales Process Customization

Create a CampaignerSPM™ Sales Process That’s Just Right for You

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With CampaignerSPM’s 100% customized sales process you can easily define, and develop your proven, effective selling processes to close more deals.

Replicate how your best reps sell

With CampaignerSPM you can take the best sales actions of your team members and replicate them to create a powerful and effective sales process that can be enacted throughout your organization. Now, you can have an entire sales team employing best practice to close more deals and get better results.

Modify the following CampaignerSPM advanced features to create a sales process that’s all your own:

  • CampaignerSPM Custom Pulse Dashboards
    The CRM Pulse Reporting Dashboards centralize the data from the Sales Performance Dashboards and the Activity Dashboards, empowering your entire sales team with real-time sales metrics and greater pipeline visibility. Modify them based on your needs and those of your team to create meaningful and insightful metrics to help your team sell more effectively
  • Integrated Email Marketing and Social Campaigns
    Modify the email marketing campaigns that you send through CampaignerSPM to get trackable results with meaningful measurement and metrics for your sales team. Send campaigns when a lead first comes in, or by an action such as downloading collateral, visiting a web page, or sign-up for a webinar.

    The trigger is up to you. Custom your sales process to integrate the social interactions of your customers as well. Learn more about your customers via their blog, Facebook and LinkedIn posts before you determine your outreach process.
  • Custom Reporting
    CampaignerSPM's easy-to-use interface lets you create insightful custom sales reports for your sales and your management teams in minutes.  Now everyone can get visibility and insight into the sales pipeline and lead flow. Easily create fully customized reports using your accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads, email campaigns and more. You'll not only see who's in the sales pipeline, you'll get valuable information as to where they are in the pipeline and what's needed to close the deal.
  • Customize Leads and Opportunities
    CampaignerSPM’s lead management software is built with the specific needs of salespeople like you. All relevant information, including lead source, lead score, owner, last action and last note is visible to the salesperson in a single screen. The user-friendly interface ensures sales reps can update and customize almost every aspect of the lead data from this single screen, including scheduling follow-up tasks. Leads can easily be entered directly from your website, manually or imported in bulk. Now you can be confident that salespeople are able to prioritize a timely follow-up and easily maintain a permanent record of every contact created.

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