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Email Marketing

List and Group Creation

Easily create targeted email lists for effective marketing

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Easily create targeted lists to effectively deliver your marketing and sales messages to specific segments. The powerful MyList tool in CampaignerSPM™ makes it easy to create highly targeted and accurate mailing lists based on a wide range of criteria. Speed up list building with bulk imports of your lists and actively managing each list to ensure that the right people receive your sales and marketing messages.

Easy-to-create mailing lists that drive effective marketing campaigns

CampaignerSPM's MyList tool makes it easy to organize and segment your contacts, leads, prospects and customers into targeted mailing lists for effective email marketing. You can use your existing CRM system data, enter contacts manually, or bulk import them from popular .CSV or XML formats. Grow your house mailing list by using custom web forms that capture the key information you need online and automatically add them to your database. Easily manage opt-ins and opt-outs to fully comply with CAN-SPAM laws.

  • Manual and Bulk Importing
    Easitly create robust lists by bulk importing contacts using familiar .CSV or XML formats. You can also manually enter contacts.
  • Build targeted lists
    Quickly organize and segment your contacts to create focused mailing lists that target your leads, prospects and customers. Maintain security by designating lists as public or private to ensure appropriate use. Save and reuse frequently used lists.
  • Manage opt-in and opt-out choices
    Ensure that only contacts that want you to email them receive your message with CampaignerSPM’s opt-in and opt-out manager and confirm to all CAN-SPAM regulations.
  • Create webforms to capture new leads from your website Easily grow your house list by creating website forms that capture new leads and opportunities directly from your website. New leads are automatically added to your pre-defined contact groups to ensure quick lead follow up.
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Manual Contact Entry and Bulk Importing Build comprehensive lists manually or via bulk importing of your lists
Targeted List Building Create targeted and segmented lists to effectively reach your key customers
Powerful Contact Management Manage contacts for opt-in and opt-out choices to ensure your lists meet CAN-SPAM regulations
Easy to Create Web Forms Expand and grow your contact list easily with online webforms that capture new contacts directly from your website

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