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eVoice® Click-to-Call

Quickly and easily click, call and report — directly from within CampaignerSPM™

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Stay in touch with your customers, contacts and leads by phone with just one simple click. The newly integrated eVoice® Click-to-Call in CampaignerSPM lets you use your current phone system to help make more calls faster and close more leads.

Dial smarter and faster using easy one-click phone calls

With the new eVoice Click-to-Call, CampaignerSPM enables you to connect using any mobile or landline phone to help you ramp up the number of sales calls you make, and increase your efficiency. You have the ability to make phone calls with one click to help maximize your phone prospecting and follow-up activities. You may also use Skype or your VOIP telephone system. With eVoice Click-to-Call staying in contact with your prospects has never been easier.

The CampaignerSPM eVoice Click-to-Call functionality is easy to set up and use. Simply configure your system with a few clicks, and you're ready to go. It's that simple!

  • Easy-to-use, eVoice one-click dialing
    Make telephone calls simply by clicking on the contact’s phone number in the CampaignerSPM while using your current telephone system. eVoice Click-to-Call even includes voicemail capability.
  • Fast and easy one-time set-up and configuration
    Easy-to-configure, web-based controls let administrators easily enable eVoice Click-to-Call features. — no software is required.
  • Improved call volumes and calling efficiency
    One-click calling speeds up call volume to let sales people quickly reach leads and convert more sales opportunities.
  • Connect with your devices
    Use any mobile or landline telephone to connect. Works with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android devices, as well as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.

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Now available for only $29.99 per user and includes 375 free minutes per month.

Call your sales representative TODAY to see how you can receive 750 free Click-to-Call minutes for the first three months!


Easy-to-Configure Administrator Controls Administrators have complete control over the call system and the protocol used for the service (Skype or other internet-based services)
Easy-to-Use Features Simple, one-click functionality lets users connect quickly
Higher Call Volumes and Efficiency Gain improved call volumes and call efficiency

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